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ROBOTECH:  Dana Quick Sketch by LeElf
by LeElf

I like that you are making your own interpretation of Dana. Looking back at your older work you have also improved vastly. Sure the guy...

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The trumpets could be heard from the rattling of the buildings walls. One of the local swing bands was on stage for the time being. From the deafening sound of the instruments Miyo knew it was Keezle ’n the Boys up on that vast stage. Miyo moved swiftly through the crowded district Red Town to his desired destination. The building wasn’t hard to hear, and it certainly wasn’t hard to see either.  
The colossal building was one of the better looking ones as it was adorned in neon and bright light. Its bones of dark mahogany held itself under the weight of four stories of lust. Frosted windows teasingly gave hints on what the occupants were doing. The light from the sign shone brightly among the district.  
Madam Akiko’s Golden-Light Cabaret.
Miyo couldn’t help but to let his tail swing back and forth in anticipation. The blood of his mother was strong in him despite him being mostly human. Kitsunes’ by default couldn’t hide excitement, their tails always gave that away. It took practice to keep one’s tail restraint. “It’s proper etiquette” his mother would insisted. But he was still a boy of ten, etiquette be damned.
He continued to weave through the crowd as if he was only a ghost. Pirates, ‘venturers, prostitutes, and conmen would only see a white glint in the side of their vision. Despite having hair of pure snow white he was damn good at the art of stealth. For a Kitsune it was second nature, but for him? “It’s unnatural for a kid like him to be this young and this good. Even for Kitsunes.” He overheard that one from Old Dog. Miyo looked up to the old pirate. Hearing that from him, he couldn’t decide to be mad or gloat about it.
The entrance had a good line to and from it. Customers waiting to go in, happy patrons going out. The only thing standing between him and the door was a Taurus. The Bouncer he did not recognize. New muscle was always a pain. Miyo had the knowledge to pass by human bouncers, and beastmen ones had a trick to their own. Taurus, that’s a new one.
Screened by the crowed the little lad took a moment to think. He began to have a whole new awareness to the situation. The Taurus was scanning the line, letting in those he deemed to be not trouble makers, or who were on the list. One Elf tried to bribe his way only to get punted in the rear. Miyo sighed heavily.  
He could try the back, but Sig’s gang controlled that alleyway. Miyo wouldn’t risk coming across them; not after the shit he pulled off. Only way in was the front. It would take some time to get through, but he didn’t want to wait. Then, his chance came.
A drunkard was giving the bouncer trouble; the Taurus giving full attention on him. Quickly Miyo sprinted to his mark. The gate to then den wide open. But ultimately denied. With a sudden pull of the scruff of his shirt he found himself hanging from the fists of an angry bull.
“And where do you think you’re going?” Snarled the Taurus.
I’m dead thought the boy. Already he was now face to face with the angry bull. The heat of his breath overwhelmed Miyo’s senses. Red eyes pierced through the round gold of his. Death, or at least an ass whooping, was imminent. The boy had to think of something fast.
“To the bathroom?” Fuck. Wrong answer.
The bouncer gritted his teeth. Not amused by Miyo’s response the bull was about to chuck the boy a few blocks till a voice belted out from the door.
“Unhand that boy T-Bone!”
Both T-Bone and Miyo were startled from the ferocity in the deep voice. T-Bone without hesitation dropped him to the floor with a thud. After recovering from the unexpected fall he looked up at who it was. About time he thought.
There in the door a tall figure stood, sharply dressed in a white suit and black tie. Dark skin enveloped the man’s hands and face, marks of white runes over his eye gave a soft glow. His fedora contained his braided hair so that both his pointed ears could be seen. Keezle’s gaze on the bull had electric behind the blue of his eyes. Ozone shimmered around him, storm magic was about to be unleashed.
T-Bone stood his ground. “The damn street urchin was trying to sneak in!” snarled the bull.
Keezle rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Guess the lady of the house didn’t tell you about him?”
The bouncer glared down at the still laying boy. “So he’s been a problem before or what?”
The elf sighed at this. “Yes and no.” He turned to the boy. “Miyo, why are you trying to sneak in the front again? You know you can get in the back.”
Miyo got up and dusted off his dirt crusted pants. “Sig controls that alleyway now. It was either risk going in the front, or get skinned in the back.”
“Sig?” Questioned the bull.
“’Nother street gang that’s been taking some of the alleyways in Red Town.” Keezel huffed. “Madam’s going to have another fit about it seeing as she’s the head of this district.”
Miyo scoffs at the notion. “Fit? She’d kill them without a drop of blood.”
Both Keezel and T-Bone just winced at this. It was well known throughout Aberdeen that Akiko turned a naval ship into a ghost during the war. All hand’s dead, no blood to be found. Poison needles (or even clean ones) had hit vital areas on each sailor. Others died from her own personal spells. Miyo knew all this. He’d seen her do it on some bastard that hurt one of the girls. At least Finn didn’t have a mess to clean up afterwards.
T-Bone pointed to the lad. “So what’s so damn special about him?”
“Wow,” Keezel replayed, “She really didn’t tell the new meat about the rules?”
“All I was told was to keep trouble out just like my old job. That bartender was the one to talk to us “New Meat” on what to do.” Huffed T-Bone.
“Sobo must have been really busy then.” Spoke the boy.
Keezel smirked. “Grandmother.”
It took a moment. Then it clicked in his head. Fear and shock took over T-Bone’s face.
“Aw fuck! You mean…”
“I just save you your job.” grinned the elf. “Would’ve been bad if Madam finds out you roughed up her own blood, hmm?”
Keezel turned back to Miyo. “Come on kid. Best not to cause a bigger scene than it is.”
As the man walked back in Miyo looked at the Taurus one last time. The foxish boy stuck his tongue and razzed at the bull before walking in. Some of the people in line laughed, but only to be silenced from a now fuming bouncer.
“Hey Keez, thanks for the,” Miyo couldn’t finish before he was smacked in the back of his head.
“Fool!” Keezel thundered, “You could’ve cost him is job!”
The Boy and the Burlesque Queen (W.I.P)
Work in progress of a short story set in "The Wild Blue" novel that is still in planning. Features The main protagonist Miyo in his youth and introduces some aspects of the world. As for a reference Aberdeen is a fictitious city state and pirate nation with many districts, one of them being "Red Town". The world of Aireona has elements of both high fantasy and diesel-punk influences such as air-ships, tanks, and swing music.    
The Gate by ChroniclerofChaos
The Gate
Started practicing using my intuos. It's strange getting use to looking at a screen than looking at my actual hand motions like I do on paper. Also found MS5 has a pastel brush. Pastel has to be one of my favorite things to use, but so expensive including a special paper I like to use with it. Hopefully this would satisfy me in the long run. 

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“The hell is this?”

“Something you might enjoy.” The Bartender beamed. Her thin pale face stretched with a wide grin. The Soldier looked down at the glass. In it was a neon green liquor filled to the top. The aroma of what could be described as lavender emanated from it.

“It’s green.”

“It’s on the house.” She was a little agitated from his nitpicking. “Besides you wouldn’t upset a girl who slaved for months making this now?”

He slouched a little in defeat. And with that he downed it in one go hoping it would be quick. The initial taste was that of aged bourbon, the after taste was something else. Already it went to his head.

“I think I’m sick” he murmured.

She leaned in setting her arm on the bar to hold her head. A triumphant look on her face. The Soldier was himself now agitated. “Damn you and your womanly charms.”

He was meet with a playful raspberry tongue from her. The air deflated from him in a sigh. His dizziness soon subsided and started to clear up.

“Can I continue the story now?” He questioned the strange barkeep.


When we got back to base the whole squad, or I should say the ones who made it back, got sent to med-bay. Most got singed by plasma bolts, others were just checked out for anything else. My broken rib I kept hidden, or at least tried to. Nothing seems to get by Vahlen. She personally exam it which meant that the good Doctor can question me again without a way to escape.

But this also gave me a chance to question her in a more “mindful” way. Each question I saw coming my way before she even said it. Also heard what she thought about me when I answered each one. “What a Jack-ass.” ”How did he get into X-Com, let alone being in the Marines?” “This man has no respect for scientific advancements!” “If he wasn’t a trigger happy monkey we would have learn more about them!”

Well… she did have a point. There wasn’t much left of those Thin-men things, and whatever the hell that crystal thing was is up in smoke. But if it was to save my team I’d do it a million times. Leave it up to the others to recover artifacts. Fetch quests weren’t my thing anyways.

I was out for a good week before I was fit enough to go back out. During that time two more abductions were quelled by other teams. Better equipment was being produced by Dr. Shen and his team. Motion-trackers, ceramic under plating, S.C.O.P.E’s was a new development, and other things either made in house or supplied by our sponsor nations. A lot of us also got selected for specialization training. Kid gloves were off. It was time to put on the metaphorical brass-knuckles’.

Two departments tried to get me on either sides’ team. But I turned them down. One wanted me to learn assault tactics and become a specialist. The other thought I could use a more “explosive” career. Told them both to shove it, I already had my niche in The Initiative. Once a Jarhead, always a Jarhead. Armies need grunts on the field. Apparently I had Bradford’s approval for that one.

New gear, new guns, and a shiny new rank too. Got The Commanders attention too and upped my rank to Corporal. Became second in command of Sergeant Miller’s unit. Small guy, but built like a tank. Didn’t take anyone’s shit about his height nor the way he works. Unconventional tactics, the bane of any by the book officer. Lucky for us The Commander is much of an unconventional tactician as our group. Maybe that’s why The Council and their Head Director chose him.

We felt like we can kick these bastards off our world. Shit, I started to feel that way too even after what happened the past month and a half.
Sigh, of course life sure does like kicking me in the teeth from time to time.


The Solider was out cold, face planted on the bar and glass still in hand. A combination of alcohol and lack of sleep. The Barkeeper leaned back on the wall. Her eyes intently on the slumbering trooper.

Reaching into the back pocket of her work pants she pulled out her cell. With a quick swipe on the screen it went to calling on a secure line. Dread and annoyance had her on edge as the call was still on hold. Her tongue flicked out of her black lipstick mouth. It was slim and serpentine unlike the one she showed before.

“A bad habit that could get me in trouble.” she thought. The rest of the human guise whoever still held. The call finally went through. The screen went dark, then lit up with a symbol of that of a stylized Y shape.

A distorted voice emanated from the cell. “Status?”

“Subject is still here in a “relevant” term.” Her words had a hiss to it.

“Relevant meaning?”

She took in a deep breath then sighed. “He’s losing his grasp on reality even within this fabricated compound.”

There was a pause before the voice spoke again. “The goal was to keep him contempt within a fabricated reality until further notice.”

The Bartender’s face flushed red. “It is not supposed to work like this!”

The Solider stirred for a bit muttering incoherent words before returning to a slumbering state. She held her breath for a moment before continuing, albeit a slightly lower tone. “The Subject thinks that he is talking to people that aren’t even there.”

“The holo-projectors are working then.”

“He’s been doing this without the projectors!” Hissed The Bartender. “He’s even been acting erratic now and then. Played the same song on the jukebox 101 times. He kept acting like he was still on the field with his team members, even the dead ones. He maybe The New One but he’s losing it!”

There was an uncomfortably long silence.

“Has sedating him help with these “delusions”?” The only made her even madder.

“I’ve given him alcoholic drinks for the past day. I’ve laced them with every sedative at our disposal. I’ve even given him the same garbage The Mutons’ drink on their world. Either they do something to him for a short period or they don’t work at all.”

“How is it,” said the voice, “That he can have all these chemical compounds and yet still even be alive let alone brain function?”

The Bartender flicked her tongue out again. “His psionic powers are at a point where he might be altering his body subconsciously. Accelerated evolution.”

Another long uncomfortable pause befell the room.

“Keep monitoring him. We are confidante of your ability to handle him until the time is right. We will be in touch.”

“Please hurry,” The Bartender whimpered, “He’s starting to hit on me.”

“Good luck.” And the cells line cuts.

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Alright, were was I? Oh my next mission.

So after my chat with Dr. Vahlen I was deployed with another squad seeing as I was the only one left from my last one. This one was bigger and had a couple new toys. Word from The Commander was that they shot down a U.F.O. and that it crashed at some farm out in Scotland. The objective was to investigate and dispatch survivors. The Lt. thought that we should go in close quarters and gave everyone sawed-off shotguns. Dr. Shen reconfigured the standard issues to be more compact but didn’t hold that many rounds.

When we touched down the farm was a wreck. They said it was a small ship, a “Scout Class” the lab guys said. Damn thing made a huge impact for something that’s “small”. Torn the ground apart right next to the barn.

Lt. gave the order to spread out and move in. Couple guys headed around the barn, a few moving through the trail of wreckage as cover. Me? Pfh, monkeyed my way on top of the barn for a better look. Bradford was yelling in my ear-piece about it till The Commander silenced him. Apparently he liked the idea.

As I plopped on the one side of the roof to give a good advantage without my rear being exposed I got a good look at the ship. Looked just like what people in the 50’s said they looked. A flying metal disc with what looked to be exposed entryways that are shielded. Any one dumb enough to stick their head out would be nailed by me at my advantage point. What sucks was they already vacated.

Bastards where in the building and got the jump on the Lt. and the others. Pinned down and hunkered by some silos. Got a good look at them. At first I thought they were human. Flashy suit and tie. Lengthy as hell though. What gave them away was that they had some green scales on them. And the large plasma guns are a giveaway too mind you.

Two of them just fired away without them noticing me. Dr. Valhen kept talking about bringing in a specimen to study but Shen started to bicker about the cost of lives. I already made the decision. Popped the window and tossed a couple of grenades. They went up like smoke bombs after that. The surrounding area was covered in a purple green mist. Anything in it started to melt. It was either acid or toxins. Probably both. Of course I got shit on by Valhen for that.

After that the second group made their way to the ship. Those energy fields didn’t do anything and was easily enough to just walk through. I was on overwatch and started to get that feeling again. Seconds later plasma shots started ringing from the ship. My earpiece rang with screaming, I just had to take it out, but I still heard them louder than ever. Turns out it was in my head. Lt. and the others jumped into action and charged right in. Only for them to get trapped in there.

The feelings started to get worse. A dread so heavy it felt like it was crushing me. The only way for me to get there fast was to jump from the barn. Landed on a pile of hay then tumbled down into the ditch. Broke a God damn rib because of that. But like any Jarhead I rushed right on not giving it a thought.

As I got to the entryway of the ship I almost got hit by a plasma bolt if it wasn’t for me ducking in time. Got enough time to look at what was shooting at me. Big tall gold thing with a glowing stomach made of crystals. And I thought Sectoids and those “Thin Men” were alien. This thing wasn’t even organic. Didn’t stop it from splitting its fire between me and the group.

Lt. and the rest blind fired at it and only hitting the walls and its cover. I had a slight advantage to it but it still wasn’t good. Flanking it was a better, yet suicidal option. Took my chances on flanking. Dove right in the entrance to the next available cover. Couple shots hit where I was but I was relatively long gone. Probably confused it before my squad drew its attention back on them.

Waited a couple seconds before I made my move again. The distance between me and Goldie. Yes Goldie! Better than calling it “The Outsider” or some shit like that. Now shut up and let me tell my story. Anyways the distance between me and Goldie didn’t have cover for me to duck behind so I had to make it quick.

Hopped over the console and hulled ass. Took it by surprise. Didn’t expect a full assault by something smaller than it. I’m a good 6’1” but this thing was a foot and a half taller. Had my hair raised up knowing what’s next. Bolt’s came my way, but looked slower coming towards me. Precognition they called it. I called it bullet time. Danced around each shot and some from my own team. Still firing blind.

Had my rifle firing too. Each shot looked wiled but hit its mark. The plasma carbine flew out of its hand from a round. If it had a face it would have a look of shock. You only see weapons get disabled like that in the movies and here some trooper pulled it off. Course I ran empty on my rifle by the time I got up to its face, or lack thereof. Tossed my gun at it to buy time to draw the sawed-off. Rammed it into Goldie’s gut and shot with both barrels. Next thing I knew it dissolved into light and disappeared.

My squad regrouped as recovery teams were dispatched to pick apart the ship for useful things. Two of our team members were K.I.A. Better to have some casualties than a whole squad. Still depressing to think about. There were going to be a lot more in the coming months. The trip back to H.Q. was quiet. I could hear what everyone was thinking. Some thought about if they were going to die. Others wondering how I pulled that off. Lt. just thought about his wife and kid back home. The more I’m on these missions the more my feelings grew in strength. Mind reading on this scale was new and frightening. I kept it to myself. Didn’t want Vahlen to go rooting around my head.

But God will she ever try once I got back.


“Anyways, can I get another round? Buzz is starting to wear off after thinking about that.”

The Bartender looked at the man leaning on his stool. His mess of gold brown hair flopping down over his face. Looked like he’d been in some explosion as it was dusty with what looked like some metal shavings. His tactical vest was in no good shape either yet the man himself looked to not be touched at all.

The Bartender brushed back her copper hair and smiled at him. “Sure sugar. Anything you like.”

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My mother had a saying; “Life is stranger than fiction.” Last I heard those words was right after I got out of boot-camp. Then a day later… They came.

Metal pods rain down on Berlin. This green mist shit just grabbing people and cocooned them where they lay. First contact was made with the aliens who we later called Sectoids. It didn’t end well…

The X-Com Initiative went online and started to gather troopers from all over the world to fight them. I was one of the first to be hand pick by my future C.O. Bradford. Lucky me. Or unlucky; haven’t decided which.

Being top of my class in boot never prepped me for any of this. The people. The base. Everything in that little underground H.Q. was beyond what I though anyone, let alone a small organization, would have. But out of all that no one would prepare me for the invasion. Though in all honesty I think the only one who was is whoever was running this shindig.

When I was first deployed I was shaking uncontrollably. The squad thought I was going to be a detriment to the mission. Laski started to boast about how he’ll kill some aliens and boot them from Earth. Everyone was in high spirits. Me? Well something in the back of my mind told me otherwise…

Laski was the first to panic. He just started to cry right next to me there behind a highway barricade. Our Sergeant’s face got burnt off by plasma bolts. Connor was pinned down behind a burning SUV, Sara was hurt bad and laying out in the open. And here four little bug-eyed bastards had just about beaten us! Earths mightiest soldiers for Christ sake!

I was about ready to just give up. Walk away from cover and hope it was quick. Strange thing was… I didn’t.

God it happened so fast. I can’t remember what had even happened. Four of them… Dead at my feet. One’s head crushed under my boot. The shaking came back. Adrenaline crash at its finest. Everyone but our C.O. made it out of that overpass because of “One crazy Mother Fucker.”

Command had our team rotated out so that others can be on missions. “A much needed break.” they said. Sara had to be in I.C.U. Laski just went insane. Poor bastard was just hulled off to a ward. I and Connor however just got promoted after all that. Connor just took his promotion and used it to be moved into security detail. Told me he was never going out there ever again. I wouldn’t blame him. I never blamed him, or Laski, or Sara for what had happened.

Dr. Vahlen pulled me over into the lab a day before I was to be deployed again. She asked me a few questions about what happened on the bypass. I couldn’t answer them all to her liking. The questions were mostly what was going through my head, or about my reflexes. She told me that the way that I moved was as if I knew when and where each shot was going to go. Where they will be next. Where the aliens would soon move or move to. Again no satisfactory answer from me. She looked disappointed and just shooed me out of her lab.

Thinking back to it I’ve always had these feelings. This sense of awareness. It was as if I’ve seen things before. What someone would do. What they say or said without me even being near them at the time. As a kid it was sort of a “bad habit” for me parroting people as each line and syllable spill out of their mouth. Creeped the hell out of people. Maybe that’s why kids use to bully me.

But having these “feelings” paid off.

Prom night had to be the worst night before the invasion. This girl, Ashly, was the most gorgeous girl in the school. She could have anyone of the athletes or any of the other popular guys. Instead she chose me. The feelings I had warned me of danger, but like any horny teen I listen to my balls than my brain.

Of course she pulled a Carrie on me no thanks to the jocks. Wish they would have used pigs blood than well… urine. And in my humiliation just bolted to the bathroom to wash it from my mouth. That whole ordeal got my blood pressure high that I swore that most of it was in my head. That’s when those feelings really struck.

Images, smell, thoughts. These weren’t my experiences nor just one person. It was an overwhelming noise of senses that I thought I’ve gone mad. Then, one thing stood out.
A dark room. Multiple guys laughing. Torn clothing on the ground. And a person laying on the ground, bruised and bloodied. The face unmistakable. Ashly.

My feet carried me through the halls. Phantoms of people breezed through my body. All of them going about their lives from the past and future. All of it I knew and yet not know at the same time. I turned left and right through the maze of time searching for her. Next thing I knew I body slammed the classroom door. The occupants startled.
Yelling. Screaming. Then nothing.

I came to again much like at the overpass. The room was a mess. A brawl of mass destruction tore it apart. The jock, probably half the football team, were bloody pulps. My fists drenched in blood. Everything was either broken, beaten, or torn apart. Ashly however, sat in the corner untouched. Shock had fallen on her and was trying to process the scene.

I got her out of that room as fast as I could. Made as much ground as I could before people saw what happened. Everyone must have heard it all. But no one saw me sneak out with her in tow.

Once things settled I asked her what happened. She blathered everything about the plan to humiliate me, and the “reward” that the football team was going to give her. I told her not to say anything more. That ordeal was traumatizing enough to think of, let alone it almost happening.

The next Monday the school was buzzing. Ashly told the cops what happened, but never gave my name, only that she didn’t see who did it. Half the team was down. Broken bones, concussions, and one guy lost both his balls from blunt damage. That wasn’t my proudest moment, but I never did get caught. Who knew two years later my “feelings” would help me save the whole damn world.

Now if you excuse me I need to take a short break. All these free drinks you guys been giving me’s taken a toll on ye old bladder. But keep them coming.
X-Com: Homecoming part 1
An X-Com Fanfic.

A soldier's tale about his time in The X-Com Initiative. The things he's seen. The things he "feels". And a couple rounds on "The House".
  • Listening to: George Carlin
  • Eating: whatever I can get my hands on at this point
  • Drinking: wish
Welp in my never ending quest for inspiration I have been doing nothing more than mechanical drawings and figuring out how to survive in this crazy world. Debating on showing more older work, or to try to get my scanner working again. More on this at 11.


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